Why Dog Bites are Premises Liability Cases

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When you think about premises liability, you think about drowning accidents in swimming pools and resorts, escalator accidents in office buildings and malls, and fires and explosions in construction sites. Indeed, the property owners can be held liable for the accidents, injuries, and financial damages in these instances.

According to the website of Russo, Russo & Slania P.C., dog biting accidents can also be under premises liability. When you think about it plainly, it doesn’t make sense, because why is a property owner liable for an animal attack. But when you study it deeply, you will realize that it does make sense.

Property owners should make sure that the dogs in their premises are not causes of harm. In this aspect, dog biting accidents in the property owner’s premises is indeed a premises liability case.

But like any personal injury case, the most important aspect of a premises liability case is negligence. The negligence of the property owner should be the direct cause of the dog biting accident and the injury that has followed. Therefore, he may become liable to the damages, such as the medical costs of the injury, the lost wages due to lost time at work, and the emotional and psychological consequences of being involved in an animal attack.

So, what does the property owner have to do to prevent dog bites? The main idea is making the dog inaccessible. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as the following:

Of course, the people around the dog should also be careful, whether or not the property owner is ensuring the safety of the premises. This means that they should not provoke the dog or go near it aggressively, especially if the dog doesn’t know them.

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