The Necessity of Legal Representation When Making a Workers’ Compensation Claim

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The Necessity of Legal Representation When Making a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Many workers get injured in the workplace due many different reasons. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the most common causes of injuries include:

– Office politics or arguments among workers that lead to violent acts;
– Repetitive motion, which often result to back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome;
– Getting entangled or caught in machines, a case most common in factories;
– Driving accident, which is a case common among company drivers;
– Being struck by a falling object, machine or vehicle, which is common among construction workers:
– Falling from a scaffold, ladder, stairs, roof or any elevated place;
– Slipping or tripping, which is actually the second most common cause of workplace injuries (the first is falls); and,
– Overexertion due to pulling, pushing, carrying, or lifting of heavy objects.

An injury, especially a serious one, can very well affect their financial capacity of an affected employee. This is the case if the injury renders the (injured) employee incapable of reporting back to work immediately due to the severity of the physical harm that he/she sustained. Because of this, a law was passed which allows workers, who suffer job-related injuries or who develop any type of job-related illness due to exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace, to receive financial benefits through the Workers’ Compensation Insurance program (also known as Workers’ Comp). This financial assistance may be received by an injured worker, regardless of whose fault the accident was; it is specifically designed to cover cost of medical treatment, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation and death.

Workers’ Compensation is mandated and administered by the state. It is required that employers make Workers’ Compensation coverage a part of employee benefits. Often, however, despite the obvious and qualifying type of injury or illness, employers and insurance providers make it so hard for workers to claim the benefits they are legally entitled to.

Injury claims would result to higher insurance premiums which employers will have to pay. This, however, is and will never be an acceptable basis for injured workers to be denied of the financial benefits that the law has allotted for them.

Claiming from Workers’ Compensation is a legal process; thus, it may be advantageous and beneficial for injured workers to have legal representation when making a claim.

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