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I am fairly interested in lawn care. It may seem like a hokie or silly topic in which to put a lot of stock, but there is just something beautiful and simple about a well-maintained yard. I am especially fascinated with the different kinds of grasses, shrubs, and vegetation that can be found in the average American’s yard! So much overlooked biodiversity, not given the proper examination.

When I looked into the industry of Chesterfield lawn care businesses, I found that one company, Midwest Lawn Co, was continuously discussed as an example of excellent customer service. Their results were considered above-and-beyond as compared to other similar business. But why?

High-Quality Staff

In a good business, the customer is always right. In a great business, the customer is always happy and the staff is always trained. That is one of the secret ingredients used by this company to maintain its competitive staff.

Lawn care is an industry that some can break into with little oversight, little investment, and little experience. As neighborhood teens can attest, lots of lawns are cut from people simply showing up with a mower and offering to perform a service in exchange for cash. The thing that sets Midwest apart from industry peers is that their staff works diligently, checking nooks and crannies and putting in the extra effort to trim a lawn, fertilize a flower bed, install an outdoor kitchen, or to perform any of the other services for which they are known.

There are three types of lawn care, in my opinion: do-it-yourself lawn care, poor professional service, and excellent professional service. A company can have advanced gear and a lot of staff, but the true difference between the latter two types of service is the preparedness and experience of the workers taking care of your lawn.

Wide Range of Services

You may have caught it earlier, but this company does a lot. And I mean a lot, of services. Most lawn care companies focus on simply trimming and edging lawns. But Midwest Lawn Co takes care of basically anything involving your front or back yard, including outdoor kitchen installation, hardscaping, plant management, lawn maintenance, and so much else!

On their website, they themselves even credit their success as owing to the fact that they offer so many services. The successes of big brand name stores that offer low-priced goods, and the Internet commerce giants that are replicating the same model but on the web, show that consumers love to have a “one-stop shop” that is reliable and can offer a lot of services. This company does just that, by offering all of their services under the same business and using the same work ethic and training as previously mentioned.

If you need a professional lawn care service, or if you need anything adjacent to lawn care, you know who to contact.

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