Quick Tips for a Smooth Transition to College

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If you’re an incoming college freshman, there’s a chance you’re moving far away from your hometown. If you’re making the leap from childhood home to a college dorm room, here are a few tips to make the transition go a little smoother.

Pack lightly.

Your college dorm is probably going to be a lot smaller than your room back at home. This means you probably won’t need every book or DVD you’ve ever owned. Pick a couple of books and your favorite movies and leave the rest of them at home. Now, don’t pack so lightly that you run out of clothes in the first week, but you won’t have room for every single article of clothing that you’ve ever owned.

Take your security blanket with you.

I know I just said to pack lightly, but there’s no shame in having your favorite stuffed animal or childhood blanket with you. You’re probably going to start feeling homesick within the first month of leaving, and this little piece of home is going to be the best form of comfort for you.

Learn to ride a bike.

If your parents are driving you to campus, you don’t want to be stuck walking everywhere all the time. Bikes will be your best friend when you oversleep and only have five minutes to get from one end of campus to another.

Wear a helmet and ride safely!

Cyclists can get seriously injured if hit by a car. If you do get into a collision around Beaumont, Portner Bond, PLLC can help sort things out so you get the help you need to heal and be back in classes in no time. As a bonus, riding a bike is an easy way to stay in shape!

Call your mom.

If you’re feeling stressed or homesick, calling your mom or any close relative can calm your nerves. It’s pretty easy to forget to call home. After all, you’ve never really had to set time aside to talk to your parents.

They’ll always appreciate a call from you, especially when you’re calling to say hi and not just asking them for money. Getting into the habit of calling home regularly can help keep your mental health in top shape.

Don’t eat out for every meal.

Late-night study sessions and movie marathons can quickly turn into feasts of pizza and soda. While it’s good to unwind with junk food every once in a while, too much can make you feel sluggish and put a dent in your wallet. Most people in dorms have dining halls where you can pick from a variety of foods to eat.

Use this as a chance to experiment with foods you haven’t had before! Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, though. There’s a ton of websites out there that have recipes for college students to make in their rooms. Overnight oats and yogurt are easy to keep in your fridge and grab before heading out to class.

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