How to Handle a Motorcycle Accident

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Serious road accidents are always devastating, no matter who or what is involved. But for bikers, crashes are more dangerous than they are for passengers in a car. Bikers are completely exposed. What would have been a small accident in a car can quickly become a fatal one for a biker. Many bikers, however, wouldn’t swap the feeling of freedom they get from riding motorcycles for anything, including the safety of a car.

Even so, bikers should be able to feel safe. Drivers need to be aware of bikers around them, and they need to make sure that they’re keeping safe distances and following road signs. Motorcycles are more likely to be destroyed in a crash and are less likely to be seen by drivers. In 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 5,286 motorcycle crash fatalities in the United States. That’s a lot of fatalities for only 8,679,380 registered motorcycles that same year. 

So, when accidents happen, what happens next? In a case with no fatalities, the biker who was involved in the crash may be left with devastating injuries, huge medical bills, and no bike. If the crash was not their fault, as is the case in many motorcycle accidents, they could be entitled to financial compensation.

Insurance is unlikely to pay the biker as much money as they deserve for their injuries. Most times, insurance settlements are not enough to cover medical expenses caused by the crash, meaning an accident that was not the biker’s fault is now setting them back, in addition to causing damage to their body, their property, and probably their peace of mind, as well. Motorcycle crashes can be very painful experiences, emotionally as well as physically. Many survivors of road accidents suffer from PTSD or depression.

To help bikers win the compensation they deserve, personal injury lawyers who work on car accident cases are especially helpful. Some personal injury lawyers work specifically on motorcycle accident cases, and these are the ones that are going to be the most effective. The Biker Lawyers, for instance, are lawyers who take on cases for injured bikers, but the best part is that they are bikers, themselves. While not every area is going to have a law firm quite as specific as that, it’s important that bikers keep an eye out for lawyers who have experience with motorcycle accident cases.

Without a lawyer, it’s basically a pipe dream for anyone to expect to win a personal injury case and walk away with money that will actually amount to much. Bikers who want to be compensated need to find lawyers immediately after being injured in a crash so they have the best shot at winning their case.

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